Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hair Dye

At the end of this summer I decided to dye a section of my hair some bright color. To this end I bought some Manic Panic in "Shocking Blue" and "Atomic Turquoise." I initially had it done at the salon along with my haircut.

Later, while traveling in Japan, I saw a brown duck with a blue feather that reminded me of my new hair. Google seems to say that it is a female wood duck. Here's an image of a similar (though not exactly the same type) duck.

I like the idea that the design used for my hair can be found in nature.

The hair dye is semi-temporary so I have done two subsequent re-dyes by myself and with the help of my friends. Both the bleach and dye processes are really easy to do yourself; you can find instructions on the back of the box or online.

Here's a picture of my most recent hair. I did part in Manic Panic "Purple Haze" and part in "Shocking Blue" again.

As a last note, here's a link to a pdf I found that goes over the chemistry of bleaching hair in detail: