Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Old Art Found in Computer Cleanup

Found some old drawing and photography stuff cleaning my computer. All of it from high school or my first year of college. I guess I haven't had any time to draw since then... Hoping to get back into my 3D design stuff in August.

Robotics Course Picture Essay

I'm too exhausted to do a write up about my Robotics course. I'm also about to move to another location and teach it again to new students. So for now, here's a bunch of photos, a few videos, and a quick description.

We ended up using Vex kit parts, hot glue, foam board, assorted motors, and other stuff for building materials. The brains were Arduino Leonardos, and the wireless connection was accomplished with a Wixels. We used April Tags with an overhead camera to track the robots and send them position data wirelessly.