Tuesday, April 19, 2016

"Pip Girl" (3d printed Fallout 4 Pipboy)

This 3d printed Pip Boy (or Pip Girl) was made for my sister. Her birthday was about half a year ago, and I started this several weeks prior to that event, so this project actually went fairly quickly compared to some other projects on this blog...

The files are from http://ytec3d.com/pip-boy-3000-mark-iv-assembly/

Gluing: superglue, acetone, and hot glue.
Paint: spray paint, clear matte coat, and some touch up with acrylic paints
Modifications from original:
  • Velcro latch (3d printed latch deemed too weak--wouldn't want it to break and fall with a smartphone inside)
  • Did not print transparent PLA light covers (hot glued orange LEDs with orange plastic diffuser in directly instead)
  • White vinyl fake leather cuff with foam padding -- makes it much more comfortable and a much better fit.