Thursday, December 19, 2013

Music Box Files - Pan's Labyrinth Lullaby

I finally got around to scanning a music card strip and collecting all the resources needed to share it with others. I scanned the strip for the Pan's Labyrinth Lullaby, which you can see in action here:

In this resource pack:
  • A scan of the card (filename Lullaby.jpg)
  • A chart that shows what notes the music box plays (filename actualnotes.jpg)
  • A file for use with Sekaiju, a free & open source midi sequencer (filename pan_lullaby_final.skj)

Notes on using Sekaiju:
  • Open the .skj file in Sekaiju
  • Use the 'View' > 'Show new piano roll' feature to see the editor I used
  • The file is not identical to the final punch card composition, but very close
I bought my music box from this online store based in the UK but you can also get them through Grand Illusions now.

Other note: the music box punch card note labels are based in another key, as I understand it, and you can 'translate' by transposing to the key of C. I'm not a classically trained musician or a trained musician of any sort, so instead I ignore the stuff printed on the card and just refer to the handy chart I made (filename actualnotes.jpg). I transcribed this piece by ear off this version of the theme:

Happy punching! P.S. -- if you're interested in a resource pack of another music box project let me know. I plan to get them scanned and online eventually, but if I know somebody is interested I'll expedite that. The best way to let me know is to send me a message via youtube (not just a comment on a video). Actually for any resources pack you need (laser cut stuff, etc) just let me know in some form (I think I get email notifications on comments left here...)

Monday, December 9, 2013

Laser Cut Hannukah Gifts (& update to the painting)

The laser cut holiday gift posts begin! On the left: My Neighbor Totoro cubby for my sister. On the right: a paper-on-plywood piece based on traditional Japanese woodblock prints. I like the technique and will probably experiment with a few more similar pieces, or the same piece with new patterns.

Above: the painting is soooo close to being done. Once it is finished I'll collect all the work-in-progress photos and post them side by side.