Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Macro Photography

I'm working on a reverse lens macro photography setup. My initial trials are done with a Canon EOS Rebel.

The plus side to film is the nostalgia. The down sides are everything else.

Anyway, I have the lens reversed and mounted at the end of a long cardboard tube (poster tube I essentially cut in half). I have a remote trigger and a tripod and a Ikea lamp that is focused by a magnifying glass so that it delivers a pinpoint of light to the object I am taking a picture of. The focusing is done by sticking a compass in a book and using the fine tuning wheel to raise and lower the book cover.

I'll spare you the details until I have my more finalize setup, which hopefully actually happens (I need a DSLR...).

Sugar vs. Splenda vs. Salt

Magazine Cover

Xacto blade