Saturday, August 3, 2013

Music Box - Theme from Being John Malkovich

The big existing music box composition app is designed for the more ubiquitous 15 note diatonic DIY music box by Kikkerland. The source code is not available. Also it is for Android only.

The next music box project will have to be writing some music box composition software. This took forever using a mix of free tools not designed for the job at hand. You can see my extensive notes all over the punch card.

My music box software desired feature list:
-Platform independent, written in python
-Distribute source so others can modify it for their particular music boxes
-GUI allows user to click and drag holes on a virtual punch card
-Allow for variable speed playback to previewthe sound, pause and play with easy keyboard shortcuts
-Highlights timing issues (minimum spacing for repeat notes due to the music box mechanism)
-Creates a vector format file that can be printed (for easy hole punching) or lasercut

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