Tuesday, April 1, 2014


I finally finished a sewing project, and it didn't turn out completely lopsided or otherwise messed up! As my first few sewing projects have been humbling experiences, I've scaled back my immediate sewing goals quite a bit. The result is pictured below. It is a t-shirt for my boyfriend. I had (and still have most of) an old bed set made of a jersey 50/50 cotton/polyester blend. I used a pillowcase from the set for the front and back pieces of the shirt. The pattern was just eyeballed and loosely marked with tape based on a t-shirt from his wardrobe. I did a simple kind of hem style, and made it 'inside-out' to add some visual flair (after I sewed it, I carefully clipped the edge of the fabric to give it a clean, even look). Tomorrow I'm taking the machine apart again to do the reverse-engineering project I described in the previous post. We'll see how that goes...I'm feeling a little hopeful.

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