Monday, February 16, 2015

Regear successful

Last post I realized that I needed to redesign the gearbox for my most recent set of robots. I added a compound gear. This brought the overall ratio of the gear system to 30:1. I also switched batteries, to reduce weight, going from a 113 gram battery down to a 46 gram one. I got rid of a few other parts too (acrylic panel and standoffs that created a battery bay which was not needed for the smaller battery).

The motors don't overheat now. Since the motor output shaft moves faster, there was more electrical noise on the system, and I had to add the ferrite chokes (otherwise, the Wixel locks up).

Here's a video demonstrating the new design in a simple mechanical/electrical test.

Below is another video, showing a simple pre-determined routine (no sensors). This was coded by some of the people participating in the independent study.

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