Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Blender Graphic Novel Work Diary #1

I've been working on my Blender Graphic Novel for a while now. Blender is an open source 3d creation suite. The graphic novel has no title yet, but the story has been fleshed out in full (50 or so scenes). The graphic novel will very much resemble a hand-drawn one, but all the visuals are computer generated. Other than Blender, I use Marvelous Designer to make the outfits, and the GIMP to lay out the final panels. Most models come from and full attribution documents will be appended to every chapter release. All humanoids are built with Manuel Bastioni Lab in Blender.

Here are some images and notes from my 'work diary.' Layout mess courtesy Blogger's terrible photo layout tools.

Viewport render of a hairstyle for a minor character
Test of ink shader
Backlight keyboard image concept
Police uniform in Marvelous Designer
Major character clothing and hair test
Prison uniform in Marvelous Designer
Struggles with the hair system for a minor character
Testing Marvelous Designer by making a dress

Outfit pose test

Braid and wig test
Color and style test

Character pose in the viewport

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