Monday, March 2, 2009

Robot Windchime

It took me much longer than I would have liked, and didn't come out as I initially imagined, and my room is now a mess (and my laundry is still wet, since I forgot to put it in the dryer). Oh well...the creative process can be distracting...

A word about the process: Bass wood and brass tubing, a part from an old hard drive, beads. A bunch of pissed off room- & suite- mates, even though I put away the circle saw at 10:30 when they all went to sleep. I also managed to cut my finger with the regular, manual saw I had to use as a replacement. And, since I insisted on finishing it tonight, I only have seven hours until my first class.

It does sound surprisingly nice for total guesswork though. So I have only few regrets.


  1. I love you sister

  2. I dig it. My son and I will probably make one of these for our back porch. Can't wait to see some more stuff!