Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Widget

I decided to try my hand at Widget development recently, and the result was this (here featured next to my favorite widget):

It doesn't do much, besides prove that I can access the command line from a widget and that I have some basic dynamic html skills. To be more precise, it runs "id -un" and "uname -n" and refreshes with a click of the refresh icon. So if you're connected to the internet through some network, it'll show that address instead of the local address (like, guest-wireless.usc.edu).

Anyhow, I'm making it available here. Maybe you'll come across it, and it will be just perfect because you were just thinking of how handy it would be to have a widget like this. Or maybe you'll download it for kicks, and it will prove itself useful beyond your wildest widgety dreams.

Download the "Name and Location" widget

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