Friday, May 22, 2009


Introducing...Swervy! Swervy is a robot that Allen and I built this last semester. On occasion, I also call him Screwy and Scurvy. Here are some tech specs for his current configuration:

-Limit switches (2)
-Power Wheels gearboxes and motors (Fisher Price, 2)
-Power Wheels battery
-The Arduino Diecimila
-IR Receiver (from the First Robotics Kit, 2008)
-Victor 884 motor controllers (2)
-7.2V Ni-Cd rechargeable battery pack

Here's a short video demonstrating Swervy's current capabilities.

Finally, while we're already talking 'bout robots, here is a photo of the LAGR from Carnegie Mellon, which I was working with last semester.

Next up on the list of things to hasten the coming of the robot revolution: networked roombas.

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