Thursday, June 4, 2009

Mobile Robots

And now, for robots! To start, we have a basic obstacle-avoiding, color-detecting robot. He was the final project for my ENGR 150 class, a basic intro to robotics class that was definitely worth taking. He navigates with a SICK LMS 200 laser rangefinder, and sees color with a basic webcam. His brain is a laptop, and his body is a Pioneer. Oh, and we used whatever sound files we found already on the laptop (from somebody else's project), hence the robot's lingual confusion. (Also, sorry that it is unedited...I ripped these from facebook, and I couldn't get them to import into iMovie.)

And finally, more robots! This is a robot from the lab where I work, a CREATE roomba from iRobot with a webcam and a Netbook. A quick google search shows that this is getting to be quite a popular robot setup: relatively cheap, very easy to use, and versatile. This guy also hooks up to a Garmin GPS, not shown. (There's no sound in the video, by the way).

So yeah, I that's all I have for now, but there is some pretty awesome stuff in the works, which I hope to show you soon!

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