Friday, August 22, 2014

Borrowed Hair

After spending a lot of time on hair experiments, I finally broke down and just grabbed the Mass Effect meshes. I couldn't find anything better for polygonal hair to get started with. I figure I can use these as 'base' models and edit and elaborate on them.

I also heard that the newest versions of Makehuman are supposed to have some new hair models but I can't find them...I got the latest nightly build and it only included the same old, same old... 

I played around with some rudimentary UV unwrapping as well, adding a single eyebrow to the render below. I need to get my Wacom tablet out and start painting again.

For the hair mesh above and meshes in this style, there are a few ways I might use them:
  • Blocky style, as above
  • Carefully wrapped textures with transparent edges, for a wispy look emulating particles
  • Actual particle hair along the mesh lines, possibly with Hairnet
  • As a starting point for sculpting different hair
I'm almost ready to start making a bigger project instead of just endless test renders. I've been introduced to modeling, sculpting, physics simulations, particle systems, UV unwrapping, materials, rigging, shapekeys, keyframing, and more. I've figured out a good resources for inanimate objects, for heads, for bodies, for hair, and for clothes. I can endlessly raise my standards, OR I can get Project 0 in gear and actually start telling a story.

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