Saturday, August 9, 2014

Study in (Mass Effect) Faces

I'm back to Blendering, though I managed to forget how the GUI works almost completely in the time I've been away...

So getting back to where I left off: through resources like Blendswap, I'm basically set for all still-life, but I still need characters. I decided to start by exploring some ways to make unique character faces (they should be distinguished from one another by facial structure, not just hair/eye color/accessories/scars). For this study, I designed these in the Mass Effect 3 face editor, then ripped with umodel, headmorphs exported with a save editor, and imported to blender with the script found on this page.

The sketchy lines are Freestyle Geometry editors, set to Bezier, with a high error (200s or so). The material is more or less the same one I used on the sci-fi female head I did a while back.

I'm hoping to be able to edit and retopologize them (they are low-poly and all triangles, having come from a game), rig them, and pair them with a body.

Here's another thing I threw together, to celebrate when I was able to get the models successfully imported into Blender:

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