Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Hair Physics and Face Remesh

I'm trying to do hair with particle physics. However, issues include:
  • By default the hair falls through the scalp. The workaround I used is to create a duplicate mesh to emit the hair, then take the original head mesh and make it have a force field. But children hairs still collide and also I haven't figure out how to make the duplicate scalp invisible. (Edit: it seems that this is something being worked on now, but that the force field will have to do in the meantime).
  • Exploring parameters, computationally intensive task is created, Blender is not responsive...force quit and try again.
  • Getting a very bad case of the hiccups. Not a Blender issue but it compounded on my frustration. The hiccups were strong enough that they made me mis-click repeatedly.
  • I happened to play around with Freestyle and this woodpecker blend and discovered that I can make a nice outline around particle systems. See the tufted areas on the bird body below. I'm having some trouble replicating that with hair so I need to figure out what makes it tick.

Also, I attempted many automated methods of retopologizing models to go from tris to quads and nothing worked perfectly. The "tris to quads" tool did an alright job. I highlighted some of the leftover triangles for emphasis. There are quite a few.

Remesh failed. I played around with the options but nothing usable came out.

Other settings for remesh. Could be used as a creepy type effect. Shrinkwrap did a similarly bad job.

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