Thursday, March 13, 2014

Blender Cloth Test #2

Alright, today I have some better results from another simple cloth & clothing test.

I created the simplest shirt I could think of; you can see the outline of the pattern pieces (same for front and back) behind the figure in the following sequence of images.

I used the sewing add-on I discussed in the last post to sew together the pieces. Then I ran another simulation to drape the clothes on the body. Finally, I added a large piece of fabric for a scarf and let it fall over the shoulders of the model. You can see how it starts out as a very simple shape which only takes a few clicks to make, and becomes a very nice scarf.

I still need to refine my skills in terms of setting up the physics simulations to best achieve the results I want. I also need to make some meshes based on real sewing patterns. Finally, I need to figure out how to rig the clothing to move with the character. I would most likely perform a final simulation after posing to make the clothing drape more accurately on the character.

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