Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Blender Cloth Test #1

Today I'm experimenting with cloth. I would like to use the physics engine to shape the clothes for the characters in my project.

Below are some of the simplest cloth tests you can do. Place a square piece of cloth above an object. Enable collision physics on the object and cloth physics on the cloth. Run simulation.

Flat shading is a visual style that I really love.

Smooth shading test. Subtle outlining.
Suzanne covers her eyes with a sheer cloth

Now I need to create clothes. I found this add-on for sewing clothing in Blender which seems very promising. Basics of the sewing add-on:
  • Model pieces (you can use actual garment patterns to create these)
  • Use edges to mark the 'threads' that will pull your garment together
  • Use the sewing strength feature in the cloth physics tab to pull together the garment
I wanted to make a sheer wide neck beach type shirt, but I made the neck way too large, wasn't sure how to shrink it, tried pinning it to the model by the shoulders, and after just way too much time decided to throw on some materials and render it anyway, because mistakes are lessons too I guess.

My real life garment creation skills are just about this bad. Next time I promise something better.

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