Sunday, March 16, 2014

Cloth and physics test

A quick test of the cloth simulation.

It occurred to me that having the clothing move with the rig for the character might be tricky. I figured it would be a lot simpler to have every clothed character start out in a basic 'Vitruvian Man' position, and then actually animate the body to get to the final pose. Enabling cloth physics, now the animated body will push the clothes into position.

The basic steps for this test:

  • The mesh starts off as a flat circle with a hole in the center, evenly subdivided into quads.
  • I place this flat circle mesh around the model waist and pin along the perimeter of the top opening.
  • I do a first physics simulation to get the skirt to drape downwards, then apply it to the skirt mesh
  • I animate the leg (single keyframe was sufficient)
  • I run another physics simulation to have the leg push the skirt
Things are moving along...! I need to practice character rigging though, because I have a bunch of unrigged body meshes from blendswap that I would like to use.

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